Could I Be Suffering From A Mental Illness?

Could I Be Suffering From A Mental Illness?

There are times in our lives when we suddenly feel that maybe it isn’t the world that is to be blamed, rather we might be the crazy ones. For those who suffer from a mental illness, their normal is your crazy. Being in their own head is all they’ve ever known, so being “normal” is alien to them. Their behavior might seem like reality, while for others it is abnormal and sometimes downright scary. But what if it is you? What if you are the one who lives an isolated life in your head while the world seems distant and blurry. Could I be suffering from a mental illness? You may have asked yourself this question a couple of times when you genuinely felt insane. Are hormones to blame or are you genuinely mentally ill?

Mood Swings

One of the first indications of mental illness are severe mood swings. Sure, all of us feel extra happy or ultra sad sometimes, but when mood swings happen for no reason and without warning, it could mean that something is wrong up there. For examples, you find yourself in such a rage that you see red, or you feel so blue you want to stay in bed all day long. It is advised to keep a check on all these things, taking notes if you have to of sudden changes in your mental weather.

Concentration Problems

If you feel that you are too hyperactive to concentrate and that your mind wanders or shifts often, this could be an indication of a possible mental concern. Those who are victims often can’t stay in one place or change jobs constantly. They feel restless doing one thing for a while and may even forget one task and move to the other. Sometimes this results in substance abuse to stay calm. But there are more legitimate reasons such as ADHD or another mental issue.

Erratic Behavior

Another symptom of mental problems is erratic behavior. You might find yourself doing things at the spur-of-the-moment, including suddenly packing your bags and heading on a road trip, coloring your hair an outrageous color, quitting a job “if you feel like it” and so many other things that have your loved ones say: “are you crazy”? That may just be the issue! Outlandish behavior is fine if your a child, but as an adult, you need to act responsible for your actions, and jumping around with no direction is not a sane thing to do.

Find out what possible mental illness you could be suffering from. Please note that self diagnosis is not the answer, neither is self-judging or criticism. Always visit a medical expert for prognosis and diagnosis.

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