If you are the kind of person who likes listening instead of going on and on about yourself, is patient with even the most obnoxious lot, like to read and research more than going to a club and get fascinated with human behavior, you will probably be the next great psychiatrist to grace the hall of fame with the likes of Freud and Jung! Ok, maybe that is slight exaggeration, but let’s be more realistic and let you know why learning and educating yourself on psychiatry is just plain awesome!

  1. Psychiatry is all about people. You are surrounded by specimens every single day, starting with yourself, your loved ones, neighbors and then the world at large. Everyone has their own history, personality and characteristics. You will never get bored as you analyze each patient and try to maneuver the mazes that are their minds. It is interesting to be able to sort through and decipher their depths when you don’t have any physical evidence to guide you. You are like a real life Spock!
  2. Psychiatry can never be replaced with computers – because let’s face it – no matter how technology may take over our lives, it can never bring in human emotions like empathy and compassion. Maybe a computer can identify what mental disorder your patient has and come up with other fantastic scientific things, but it can never, ever replace a human. As a psychiatrist, you are always guaranteed employment because if you find yourself out of work, you always have the option of starting your own practice.
  3. The branches of psychiatry will always keep you interested. Maybe you like children more than adults or you care a lot for war veterans or maybe you have a passion for crime. For each aspect of interest, there is a psychiatric path that you can take. Remember this – every time you sit down to talk with a patient, you are helping humanity. Really.
  4. Psychiatry is interesting! Just start reading the basics of this subject beginning with how the neurons in the brain work and how the chemical balance in the brain can affect mental stability, then go on and read the psychiatric language that Freud invented. The subject of psychiatry is vast and each patient you work on is a subject in himself/herself. Never expect your job to be mundane and predictable like accounting – it is going to be a new adventure every single day. Trust!

The fact of the matter is that as a psychiatrist, you are helping humanity every time you treat a patient and take her/him from disturbed to enlightened human being. There is a certain joy and satisfaction in knowing that you helped someone using your talent, because psychiatry is all about taking facts that is not physical and coming up with a solution. There is no other better feeling than one day sitting back and going through your success cases and past research that helped develop the field. And you may never know – the time you took out on a patient resulted in saving a life and making life easier for your patient’s loved ones as well.

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