How To Spot A Sociopath Who Blends In Society

How To Spot A Sociopath Who Blends In Society

It is estimated that 1 in 4 people suffer from a mental illness at some point in life. Though Alice In Wonderland says that being bonkers is a good thing, many would disagree, especially those at the end of the sh*t stick. One of the most common mental prisons that seem to be a dance of the ego but turns out to be a mental condition is that of the sociopath. There are numerous victims, mostly women, who fall prey to someone who appears to be just like everyone else, but with still waters that run deep. Here’s how to spot a sociopath who blends in society and hopefully get them some help, while running in exactly the opposite direction…

They Seem Charming At First

Sociopaths first come across as those with perfect etiquette. They will hold the door open for you, compliment you and are the epitome of chivalry. They do this because they are actually manipulative. You feel like you’re on a cloud – when it’s actually a smoke screen. Many victims have stated that sociopaths appear to be needy – they pretend that they can’t live without you, to give you a sense of being their protector and the one they trust and turn to when in trouble – only to sting you when you feel the safest.

They Turn Violent

Sociopaths can easily get violent. More than being abusive, they make the victim believe that he/she deserves what happened. Violence includes throwing a tantrum and breaking items in the house, to getting physically abusive towards the victim. This is a form of manipulation to scare the other person and show authority. Once the deed is done, they remain calm and act as if being violent is a justified part of life. The victim in turn is left confused, beaten down and subdued by the sociopath.

They Isolate Themselves

Sociopaths may seem to be extremely sociable in the beginning, but that’s all a pretence. You need to check if the person has any real friends. Sociopaths, in reality, hate to socialise. In truth, they would love nothing better than to isolate themselves and the victim. This gives them the upper hand and more time to verbally and physically abuse their victim. They may talk to other people, but they wouldn’t maintain eye contact and they wouldn’t make the conversation personal. Remember, sociopaths are manipulative, so it’s difficult to spot one easily, unless you know what you’re looking for.

They Are Egotistic, Though Highly Intelligent

Being manipulative, sociopaths are also very intelligent. They know how to play the game and spot the victim in a crowd. They will be wary of those who are already self-confident and approach those who seem to be shaky about their self-esteem. They are also egotistic, in that they think that they are sexy, highly sought after and big “players”. They have this mental picture of them being extremely valuable, while at the same time debasing their victims to get the upper hand.

They Show No Remorse

Tell a sociopath that they have something wrong, and they will find a way to make you look like the crazy one. If you are the victim complaining of abuse, they will turn the tables around and claim that they were just doing what you deserved, because you hurt them so much. Even if you have dejection and scars to prove what they’ve done, they are so manipulative that their lack of remorse will look like lack of any wrongdoing on their part.

Is there a person you know who you suspect of being a sociopath? If you’re unsure, the best way to tell is by how they make you feel. Never deny yourself the acts of being treated well, kindly and with respect. If you suspect anything, tell a trusted person and visit a medical expert or law enforcement for further assistance. It’s always, always better to be safe than sorry.

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