As a layperson, it is not your duty to diagnose or worse, accuse someone of having a psychological disorder. Let the experts deal with that. However, there are certain symptoms that you can notice in a loved one or colleague. If you are someone who feels that something is not normal or functioning right up there, you too need to approach an expert and get facts straight. Not all mood swings or erratic behavior are linked to psychological disorders, so go easy on yourself!

Here are common ways you can detect psychological disorders in an individual:

  •      Mood swings that change like the flip of a switch
  •      Unrealistic expectations and declarations
  •      Abnormal social behavior
  •      Repeated failed personal relationships and professional issues
  •      History of child abuse, social stigma, domestic violence and unstable environment
  •      Lack of will to live and suicidal thoughts
  •      Erratic behavior like staying up for hours for no apparent reason
  •      Unable to be punctual, absence from work
  •      Unable to maintain a steady job and frequent changes in professional fields
  •      Grandiose ideas and over-confidence
  •      Hallucinations like stating they can hear voices and see things that are not there
  •      Violent behavior like self-harm, harming animals, humans and property
  •      Being obsessive about something and dwelling on that issue more than necessary
  •      Social outcast or separation from society, either planned or forced
  •      Alcohol and substance abuse
  •      Prolonged sadness for no apparent reason
  •      Episodes of extreme happiness where erratic behavior might occur like overspending, changing physical appearance and overeating

There are many more such symptoms but these are most common ones and if you have ticked more than 2 or 3 of the above-mentioned symptoms, then you need to meet with a psychiatrist who will conduct tests and help determine if what you are going through deserves medical attention or not.

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