Psychiatry as a scientific study is vast and the list of psychiatric disorders in ever expanding as new diagnoses are bringing important issues to the forefront. To ever say that one is an expert or a know-all within the field would be deceiving, because each patient brings with him/her a new view on the fantastic mind and the surprises it can bring.

Let’s take a look at the most popular branches of psychiatry so that we can understand it better:

  •      Addiction Psychiatry – As the name suggests, this branch of psychiatry focuses on the various addictions afflicting patients. It also tries to determine the core reason behind the particular addiction. For example, someone who is addicted to alcohol will have a different psychosis as compared to someone else who is going through a prescription drug addiction.

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  •      Child Psychiatry – Again, the name vividly suggests, this field deals with psychotic disorders in children. The mental sufferings of children would be different from full-grown adults and the root cause would mostly be linked to genetic and birth defects.

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  •      Cross-Cultural Psychiatry – Psychiatric disorders are more apparent with different cultures. For example, people from North America would be more prone to mental disorders such as Schizophrenia and ADHD. However, developing countries would have more people who suffer from depression and personality disorders.

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  •      Geriatric Psychiatry – This branch of psychiatry deals with mental disorders in the elderly, primarily those who have aged and are facing problems related with the old. For example, a patient might not have mental issues related to stress, but they might be afflicted with disorders related to memory and self-control.

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  •      Social Psychiatry – As the world grows smaller culturally and socially, there are many anxiety-related disorders that are creeping up globally. If someone has newly migrated and is finding it hard to fit in to the local culture, they may face some psychological discomfort that this branch is specialized in dealing with.

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  •      Military Psychiatry – War. The word itself can cause a sweat to break out on anyone. There is nothing good about it and the military is at the forefront of the political mayhem. There have been numerous accounts of servicemen who are or who have participated in the brutal game of war and who have reported of mental disorders. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a common term being thrown around because of the after-effects of military service. A scathing example of what goes on with retired war veterans is the song by band Five Finger Death Punch called Wrong Side Of Heaven which you can watch HERE.

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The branches listed above are the newest breakthroughs in psychiatry that will be able to customize treatments more suited to the experiences of patients. There are larger, more firmly sourced branches as well but they tilt towards Psychology, so you need to do some research before getting into the fields.

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